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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

living room beams

Over the last week Bill has been working steadily at impregnating the beams in the living room. They are now a light walnut with a wax finish.

Start of Mayoral election

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

In June San Giorgio will be voting for a new Mayor. The present encumbent, Federico, is not standing for election. However, last night, a former mayor Roberto Landini, announced he was running and presented his team who would become assessors (councillors) if he wins the election. Mr Landini is a left wing candidate. In the last election my Landini was defeated by a non-political grouping. At the moment it is not clear if there will be a challenge from a similar grouping or a grouping from the right. Although no-one has openly said they will run against Mr Landini there are rumours that some people are seriously considering it. Could San Giorgio have its own Obama, who, against the odds, wins the race?

St. Patrick’s Day in Rome

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Rome with David and Isobel

On 17th Bill and I travelled to Rome for the day. It was warm and sunny. We were going to meet up with  David and Isobel, friends from Belfast, who were in Rome for a few days. We hadn’t seen each other for at least 25 years and had agreed to meet in front of the Pantheon. Despite the years we still recognised each other and settled down for a drink and a chat at the nearest bar. Isobel opted for an orange juice, Bill for a glass of wine, I for an aperol soda and David went a “large beer” – 2 litres/15 euros.

Sammy becomes Gummy

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Sam, the cat, returned from her day at the Vet’s. She was staggering a bit after the anaesthetic but able to eat and drink and climb on the sofa for a cuddle. She had already lost her two fangs and the vet removed another couple of teeth which were rotten. So we have decided to call her gummy. She continues with her anti-biotics to ensure the gum inflammation but otherwise appears to be in good health.

San Giorgio Garage re-opening

Friday, March 20th, 2009

The petrol garage closed some months ago as the owners had been unable to cover their costs. It looks as if it is now ready to re-open. Rumour has it that the former wife and husband, who had the garage before, will be trying to make a go of it again. She and her new partner will be running the petrol side of things and her ex-husband will be running the car cleaning, valeting side. There is also a rumour that they may try to open a bar on the site. Certainly there is plenty of space for it. As there is no public bar in San Giorgio it may, finally, be a place to go for  a coffee and brioche for breakfast.

Sam update

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Sam the cat was on a course of saline drips to try and rehydrate her and berberis tablets to help her kidney function. She wasn’t improving and so we decided to take her to another vet in Orciano (the next village). We had heard that two newly qualified vets had set up in practice. We had discovered that they had been open for the past year but the news had just got through to San Giorgio. Not being great believers in omeopatic medicine they opted for a blood test and a course of anti-biotics as her teeth looked in poor condition. Sam started to get better the day after as the anti-biotics kicked in which meant trying to give her the tablets became harder every day as she spat and scratched to avoid having them put down her throat. A few days later the blood test revealed that her kidneys are in good condition. The only reading that was high was calcium which could indicate a tumour in the intestine, apparently common in old cats and dogs. But it is difficult to diagnose and treatment is radical surgery. The vet suggested, instead, that we have her teeth cleaned which will stop any further mouth infections. So this morning Sam is off for a “clean and polish”. Hopefully, with an improved set of  “gnashers” she will want to eat more and put back some of the weight she has lost recently.

Friday 13th

Monday, March 16th, 2009

On Friday 13th we decided to go in search of a decent “garden centre”. Assured that there was one in Martinsicuro, a small town in the far south of the Marche, we set off. We have never been delayed by an accident on the Autostrada but this time a petrol lorry had crashed into the central barrier and had fallen on its side.  This caused some delay but we finally reached the garden centre about 10.30 and had finished the visit by 10.45. It was not very extensive although we did buy a couple of plants. We drove along the coast looking for somewhere to have lunch. However, seaside resorts in early spring are not the most lively of places and so we limited ourselves to a coffee and drove inland to Fermo. Some years ago we had spent a week in Fermo and was still as lovely as we remembered. An added bonus was that a bar owner recommended a small restaurant and we had a super lunch – starting at 12.30, finished at 2.30.

On the way home we were coming out of Mondavio, 2nd village from San Giorgio, and had to slow down as there was a motorbike in the middle of the road and the driver was being treated at the side of the rode. On entering San Giorgio we had to slow down as there were a couple of  police cars blocking the road. We learned later that a woman had been knocked down crossing the road and had been taken to hospital. Later that evening Don Giorgio, the town’s priest, was leaving a parishioner’s house, had slipped, banged his head on the step and was taken to hospital. Friday 13th was living up to its  name.

Seems that Friday 13th was living up to its reputation.

Football update – 100% improvement

Friday, March 13th, 2009

The under-16s football team has improved 100% since their last game. A couple of weeks rest has obviously paid off as last week against Fano the team only lost 5-0. A great improvement on the 10-0 score only  a few weeks ago. This coming Sunday they are at home against Pergola. Some of the players believing they can maintain this improved form and are predicting a 3-0 or perhaps even a 3-1 result – for Pergola.

Chiesa del Spirito Santo or the church at the top of our alley

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

santo spirito church

The church of the Holy Spirit has been closed for some months following the discovery that the church needed major repairs, including the roof. The cost of the restoration is 450,000 euros. Last week it was announced that the church would give 150,000 euros towards the cost. This money comes from the tax payer. When completing one’s tax return you can nominate some charities to receive some of your tax. One of the charities you can nominte is the Catholic Church. The money received goes into the Vatican’s coffers where it is distributed to the various dioceses who then allocate the money according to need. So the Fano diocese has decided to contribute part of it’s money to the restoration of the church. It is hoped that central government may provide the rest of the money but no one knows when. The 150,000 will be received in September and work on the roof can then be started.  Once the roof is done the scaffolding can be removed and the remaining work put on hold until the remaining money is received.

Sunday afternoon

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Today is International Women’s Day and it is a big festival in Italy. Mimosa, the symbol of the day, appears everywhere and on TV there are many programmes discussing the role of women, women as entrepreneurs, violence against women. Unfortunately, there are also lots of TV programmes with “show girls” ready to push the message that young girls can aspire to be a scantily clad dancer with the possibility of marrying an old but rich man, or if they really succeed can publish an “artistic calendar”. As it was a lovely day we decided to leave the TV behind and went out for a drive.

torette mar 09 We went to Torette beach where we had a brisk walk. No one swimming yet. We then went to the Furlo Gorge where some people were having picnics and one guy had gone swimming. His dog was very wet and we assume he had gone in to try and get the dog out. He was passing the time wringing out his jeans and hanging them out to dry.
furlo gorge mar0901 furlo gorge mar09