Friday 13th

On Friday 13th we decided to go in search of a decent “garden centre”. Assured that there was one in Martinsicuro, a small town in the far south of the Marche, we set off. We have never been delayed by an accident on the Autostrada but this time a petrol lorry had crashed into the central barrier and had fallen on its side.  This caused some delay but we finally reached the garden centre about 10.30 and had finished the visit by 10.45. It was not very extensive although we did buy a couple of plants. We drove along the coast looking for somewhere to have lunch. However, seaside resorts in early spring are not the most lively of places and so we limited ourselves to a coffee and drove inland to Fermo. Some years ago we had spent a week in Fermo and was still as lovely as we remembered. An added bonus was that a bar owner recommended a small restaurant and we had a super lunch – starting at 12.30, finished at 2.30.

On the way home we were coming out of Mondavio, 2nd village from San Giorgio, and had to slow down as there was a motorbike in the middle of the road and the driver was being treated at the side of the rode. On entering San Giorgio we had to slow down as there were a couple of  police cars blocking the road. We learned later that a woman had been knocked down crossing the road and had been taken to hospital. Later that evening Don Giorgio, the town’s priest, was leaving a parishioner’s house, had slipped, banged his head on the step and was taken to hospital. Friday 13th was living up to its  name.

Seems that Friday 13th was living up to its reputation.

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