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Tre Amiche Italiane a Londra (Parte 2)

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Sabato sera abbiamo incontrato le nostre amiche italiane, Alba, Oriella e Silvana.  Avevo trovato il ristorante su internet. Si chiama “English Restaurant”. I commenti sul Trip Advisor erano positivi ma mi preoccupavo che alle nostre amiche non sarebbe piaciuto. Pero si è rivelato una buona scelta.  Il ristorante è molto suggestivo come una locanda di molti anni fa. Il  pavimento e le parete sono  di legno ed alcuni tavoli sono separati da divisori di legno.

English Restaurant

English Restaurant

Non tutti i piatti  erano  tipicamente inglese ma c’era come portata principale lo “steak pudding”, che è un piatto traditionale fatto con manzobistecca avvolta in una pasta fatto della farina e del grasso di rognone.  Per dolce c’era “bread and butter pudding”, un dolce tradizionale fatto con pane, panna ed uva sultanina. Fortunatamente le nostre amiche hanno detto che il cibo era buono.

Alba, Oriella, Silvana at the   English Restaurant

Alba, Oriella, Silvana at the English Restaurant

Prima di venire a Londra Alba mi ha detto che a Londra ci sono italiani dappertutto. Nel ristorante la cameriera era ovviamente inglese con capelli biondi, la pelle chiara e, naturalmente un accento inglese. Quando però abbiamo cominciato a discutere il menu la cameriera ha cominciato a parlare in italiano.  Ci ha detto che suo padre era inglese e sua madre napoletana. Forse Alba ha ragione; é impossibile evitare gli italiani a Londra.


McGarveys come and go

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

mcgarvey family

The McGarvey family (from left: James, Vanessa, Pete, Sinead and Billy) arrived on Friday and managed to pack in an afternoon at the beach, a visit to the Frasassi caves and an evening in Mondavio and Senigallia. They left on Sunday at 9.30 as planned and they are now on their way to Rome.

Lull between the storms or How Much does 3 Caseys Equal

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

the casey family

Having survived a week of family i.e. the Casey family (Mike, Ali and Connor) we are currently preparing for the arrival of more family i.e. the McGarveys (James, Billy, Sinead, Van and Pete). The McGarveys will be here  for only two days but it all balances out as:

3 caseys X 7 day = 5 mcgarveys X 2 days.

We did enjoy having Mike, Ali and Connor. Ideal guests as they were happy to go to the beach every day and on returning home to eat whatever was put in front of them.

This was their second year with us so we must have done something wrong the first year as they wanted to return.

First guests of Summer

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

judy and mike

Judy and Mike were our first guests of the Summer. Perfect guests in fact – got their own breakfast, cooked dinner one night and said all the right things about the meals cooked for them. The photo was taken on their last night with and so not sure if they are smiling because they have enjoyed the week or smiling because they go home the next day.

Out of the blue!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009


Yesterday Bill received a telephone call from his godson, Jonathan, who was near Ancona having left Lecce (far south) in the morning. They had not seen each other for about 15 years and so the phone call was, to say the least, unexpected. Jonathan had driven from Oxford to Lecce and was now meandering his way back home. He arrived with us about 5.30, no doubt feeling shattered after a full day’s driving. But after a quick shower we went out for a meal and a plate of pasta, a fillet steak, salad and ships managed to quell his appetite. He was on his way to Ravenna and so left early this morning as the cities of the north held more appeal than the village life of San Giorgio.

Weekend Guest

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Steven Gleave arrived on Thursday to spend his first holiday in the Marche.
Day 1 we went to Urbino. Visited the Ducal Palace which includes Marche Regional Art Gallery. Dicovered that it is the only major art gallery in the world which closes its cafe at lunch time.
After Urbino we drove to Urbania for a visit to its Ducal Palace. Interesting. However, of more interest was the memorial to an aerial bombng attack during the Second World War. It happened on a Sunday morning and killed over 250. The bombs came from a USA Flying Fortress and the assumption is that they bombed the wrong target.
In the evening we went to Senigallia for a meal at the Osteria del Teatro. Steven had brought his Rough Guide to the Marche with him. This is less than complementary about Senigallia. Steven thought its assessment harsh and will be writing to the editors on his return to the UK.

Urbino Ducal Palace Urbania Ducal Palace
Numana beach top left: Urbino – courtyard of Ducal Palace
top right:Urbania – Ducal Palace
bottom left: Numana beach on the Conero

Saturday we went to the Conero Peninsula and stopped at Numana and Sirolo. Weather was beautiful and the Adriatic looked stunning. After lunch we went to Loreto to see the house of the Virgin Mary and where I backed the car into a railing – only slight damage.