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Cherry harvest

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

In Italian these is an expression “Non c’e due senza tre” – there isn’t two without three. In English we say “things happen in 3s”. Our cherry tree has proved this to be true. Having planted the tree about 4 years ago we have never had a single cherry. This year we had a few flowers and now we have 3 beautiful red cherries to look at.

cherries 1 cherries 2

We’re in the wrong job.

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The Guardia di Finanzia are cracking down on tax evasion. Last week they had a go at lawyers, doctors etc in all of Italy. One case highlighted was a lawyer who declared a taxable income of 10 euros a year but was driving a 60,000 euro car. More evasion was highlighted at the weekend when the local paper told us about a 68 year old women from Rimini. Her local bank was suspicious that she was paying large sums into her account every month and informed the authorities. They discovered that the women had 2.5 million euros in the bank and was also claiming 450 euros a month social security. She denied that the large sums of money regularly deposited were part of a money laundering scheme but claimed it was her earnings from prostitution. Obviously clients pay well in Rimini.

Man’s brush with fashion in San Giorgio

Friday, May 11th, 2012

john in shirtsleeves

After the rage within the UK of the statement “Does my bum look big in this…”San Giorgio has been swept with “Are my sleeves rolled up to the same length” .Fashionista John Roscoe has spent many an hour asking his wife and others this very question. When asked why this was so important, JR is reported to have responded “That gentlemen never show more than four to five inches of bare arm flesh, as more might inflame a ladies passion”.

Contrary to JRs view most Italian men seem to be earnest in their desire to show as much of their arms and other parts of their bodies as is humanly possible. We await JRs showing on the beach this summer with interest. Will he continue to lead and others follow? Will the knotted handkerchief be displayed on Torrette beach this summer?

Ethic food again

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

ethnic food
Ever on the lookout for ethnic food being available locally we were pleased to find  a shop in Pesaro, managed by a Japanese couple, which apart from stocking spices etc for indian and oriental food also stocks English stables such as porridge and even Marmite.

Then we were told that a local supermarket (A&O) were stocking some Scottish ethnic food including Walkers shortbread and Scottish jams and marmelades. Reasons for going home get even less.