St. Patrick’s Day in Rome

Rome with David and Isobel

On 17th Bill and I travelled to Rome for the day. It was warm and sunny. We were going to meet up with  David and Isobel, friends from Belfast, who were in Rome for a few days. We hadn’t seen each other for at least 25 years and had agreed to meet in front of the Pantheon. Despite the years we still recognised each other and settled down for a drink and a chat at the nearest bar. Isobel opted for an orange juice, Bill for a glass of wine, I for an aperol soda and David went a “large beer” – 2 litres/15 euros.

After drinks we went for luch and continued to catch up with the news about family and friends. Isobel, Bill and I shared a plate of cold meats and David opted for a hearty soup. For main course Isobel opted for an omlette, Bill for liver, I for saltimbocca and David went for the pasta with lashings of cream and ham.

No time for dessert or coffee as we had opted for an afternoon of culture. We got a taxi to the Villa Borghese with its fantastic rooms full of great sculpture and painting. 

bernini statue

After the culture we slowly drifted back towards the railway station and just had time to stop off for some more refreshments.

It was great day out and made all the better as David and Isobel had brought us some soda bread and potato bread from Belfast. So for the next two days in San Giorgio we had an Ulster fry and toasted David and Isobel with our mugs of hot tea.

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