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Births in San Giorgio

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Normally any deaths in the comune are announced by black banded notices appearing on the town’s notice boards. Now, the comune is being more positive and are putting up notices welcoming new “citizens” of the town and congratulating the parents.

births in San Giorgio

San Giorgio, like the rest of Italy, has not been immune to the development of a multicultural society and unusual first names and surnames are appearing everywhere.

Round and round the garden

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

gravel terrace

Last year created a gravel pathway round part of the garden. This year I finished the task by adding a gravel terrace and a series of steps. So it is now possible to walk “round the garden”. I want to plant some roses and aromatic plants round the terrace and up the stops so that it will be a pleasant place to sit. However, as it is too late in the year to plant roses I have decided to wait until autumn.

A neighbour has lots of chopped up pine trees lying in his land and so I have asked him if I can take a couple of logs to use as economic seating.

New mayor keeps electoral promise

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

election dinner

Last night outside the town hall the new mayor kept one of his election promises. During the election campaign he had apparently promised that, if he won, he would provide a meal of porchetta (roast pork) and fried fish for all. The main street was closed off and tables set out in the area in front of the town hall. Then at 8.30 the food was served. It was as he promised, porchetta, fried fish with salad and bread. Wine and water was available on each table. It was a popular event and in fact didn’t recognise most of the people. They had arrived from the country areas. After the food there was music and it lasted until 11.00.

We had the food and then made a hasty retreat. We went home the long way, which meant walking down the hill at the back of the house. All the hedges and fields were filled with fireflies. It was magical to walk in the dark, surrounded by these moving points of light. Much better than staying to listen to music at the Town Hall.

First guests of Summer

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

judy and mike

Judy and Mike were our first guests of the Summer. Perfect guests in fact – got their own breakfast, cooked dinner one night and said all the right things about the meals cooked for them. The photo was taken on their last night with and so not sure if they are smiling because they have enjoyed the week or smiling because they go home the next day.

Mayoral Election Result

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

The results of the mayoral election were announced yesterday evening. Roberto Landini won with 545 votes (55.95%) against Sabrina Ceccarelli’s 469 votes (44.04%). The turnout was 77.9%.

The new council has 12 members. This consists of 8 members of the winning group – Mr Landini and the 7 candidates in his team who got the most preferences. Sabrina Ceccarelli and three members of her team will provide the other 4 members of the council.