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Christmas lights in San Giorgio

Sunday, December 18th, 2011
christmas lights crib

The Christmas lights are on in San Giorgio. Unfortunately no one had donated a Christmas tree this year but the commune have been creative and have used strings of lights to create a Christmas tree shape. Although simple it does look quite good. The other Christmas decoration is the crib. It is made from metal figures which were sculpted by a local artist some time ago and donated to the commune. They are unfortunately rather dark and do not stand out. To make them more noticeable they have been dressed in plastic bags of various colours. This obviously teaches us about the value of recycling but it doesn’t add much to the crib looking good.
xmas tree

Downton Abbey

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

downton abbey

We have never seen the television series Downton Abbey but had heard how good it was. So we were pleased to know that it was to be shown on Italian television – Sunday evenings at 9.30. Dubbed into Italian we were sure we would be able to understand the Italian from the rich inhabitants, particularly Maggie Smith’s character. So we settled down to watch and were pleasantly surprised to discover that with digital TV we could watch with the original soundtrack. Unfortunately the ability to select the original language is only available on a couple of the digital channels but having it for Downton Abbey made Sunday viewing more pleasurable.

Santa Claus in San Giorgio

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

santa claus

Outside the Osteria Casa Mina they had been using a tailor’s dummy to advertise the restaurant. Normally he was dressed as a waiter. Coming up to Christmas they decided to use Father Christmas instead. Unfortunately, a recent windy day caused a problem and Father Christmas literally bit the dust. Attempts were made, like Humpty Dumpty, to get him back together again and now Father Christmas had disappeared from the streets of the town.

All change – again

Monday, December 12th, 2011

one way street

A few weeks after making the road beside our house one way with traffic having to come down the road, there was been a complete change of plan. Now the no entry sign has been turned round and traffic can go up the road. Not sure why this has happened or whether it could change again.

Digital TV

Monday, December 12th, 2011

digital tv

In the last week the Marche area has started to go Digital. We woke up last Wednesday to discover that the analogue signal had been switched off and we were left with a television screen full of static. Fortunately we had already bought our digital box and plugging it in we had 12 channels available to us. Unfortunately Rai 1,2, 3 (equivilent of bbc 1, 2, 3) were terrible as the picture was continually breaking up. The other channels were better but there were no mediaset channels available. Talking to people in the village we discovered that we were not the only ones having limited channels and quality. Two days and a lot of moaning later we resynchronised the tv and this time we got about 30 channels downloaded including mediaset but still poor reception on some of the channels including Rai. Another two days later we resynchronised again and we now have about 40 channels and the picture quality is good.