Chiesa del Spirito Santo or the church at the top of our alley

santo spirito church

The church of the Holy Spirit has been closed for some months following the discovery that the church needed major repairs, including the roof. The cost of the restoration is 450,000 euros. Last week it was announced that the church would give 150,000 euros towards the cost. This money comes from the tax payer. When completing one’s tax return you can nominate some charities to receive some of your tax. One of the charities you can nominte is the Catholic Church. The money received goes into the Vatican’s coffers where it is distributed to the various dioceses who then allocate the money according to need. So the Fano diocese has decided to contribute part of it’s money to the restoration of the church. It is hoped that central government may provide the rest of the money but no one knows when. The 150,000 will be received in September and work on the roof can then be started.  Once the roof is done the scaffolding can be removed and the remaining work put on hold until the remaining money is received.

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