Sam update

Sam the cat was on a course of saline drips to try and rehydrate her and berberis tablets to help her kidney function. She wasn’t improving and so we decided to take her to another vet in Orciano (the next village). We had heard that two newly qualified vets had set up in practice. We had discovered that they had been open for the past year but the news had just got through to San Giorgio. Not being great believers in omeopatic medicine they opted for a blood test and a course of anti-biotics as her teeth looked in poor condition. Sam started to get better the day after as the anti-biotics kicked in which meant trying to give her the tablets became harder every day as she spat and scratched to avoid having them put down her throat. A few days later the blood test revealed that her kidneys are in good condition. The only reading that was high was calcium which could indicate a tumour in the intestine, apparently common in old cats and dogs. But it is difficult to diagnose and treatment is radical surgery. The vet suggested, instead, that we have her teeth cleaned which will stop any further mouth infections. So this morning Sam is off for a “clean and polish”. Hopefully, with an improved set of  “gnashers” she will want to eat more and put back some of the weight she has lost recently.

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