Sunday afternoon

Today is International Women’s Day and it is a big festival in Italy. Mimosa, the symbol of the day, appears everywhere and on TV there are many programmes discussing the role of women, women as entrepreneurs, violence against women. Unfortunately, there are also lots of TV programmes with “show girls” ready to push the message that young girls can aspire to be a scantily clad dancer with the possibility of marrying an old but rich man, or if they really succeed can publish an “artistic calendar”. As it was a lovely day we decided to leave the TV behind and went out for a drive.

torette mar 09 We went to Torette beach where we had a brisk walk. No one swimming yet. We then went to the Furlo Gorge where some people were having picnics and one guy had gone swimming. His dog was very wet and we assume he had gone in to try and get the dog out. He was passing the time wringing out his jeans and hanging them out to dry.
furlo gorge mar0901 furlo gorge mar09

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