New mayor keeps electoral promise

election dinner

Last night outside the town hall the new mayor kept one of his election promises. During the election campaign he had apparently promised that, if he won, he would provide a meal of porchetta (roast pork) and fried fish for all. The main street was closed off and tables set out in the area in front of the town hall. Then at 8.30 the food was served. It was as he promised, porchetta, fried fish with salad and bread. Wine and water was available on each table. It was a popular event and in fact didn’t recognise most of the people. They had arrived from the country areas. After the food there was music and it lasted until 11.00.

We had the food and then made a hasty retreat. We went home the long way, which meant walking down the hill at the back of the house. All the hedges and fields were filled with fireflies. It was magical to walk in the dark, surrounded by these moving points of light. Much better than staying to listen to music at the Town Hall.

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