Weekend Guest

Steven Gleave arrived on Thursday to spend his first holiday in the Marche.
Day 1 we went to Urbino. Visited the Ducal Palace which includes Marche Regional Art Gallery. Dicovered that it is the only major art gallery in the world which closes its cafe at lunch time.
After Urbino we drove to Urbania for a visit to its Ducal Palace. Interesting. However, of more interest was the memorial to an aerial bombng attack during the Second World War. It happened on a Sunday morning and killed over 250. The bombs came from a USA Flying Fortress and the assumption is that they bombed the wrong target.
In the evening we went to Senigallia for a meal at the Osteria del Teatro. Steven had brought his Rough Guide to the Marche with him. This is less than complementary about Senigallia. Steven thought its assessment harsh and will be writing to the editors on his return to the UK.

Urbino Ducal Palace Urbania Ducal Palace
Numana beach top left: Urbino – courtyard of Ducal Palace
top right:Urbania – Ducal Palace
bottom left: Numana beach on the Conero

Saturday we went to the Conero Peninsula and stopped at Numana and Sirolo. Weather was beautiful and the Adriatic looked stunning. After lunch we went to Loreto to see the house of the Virgin Mary and where I backed the car into a railing – only slight damage.

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