Man’s brush with fashion in San Giorgio

john in shirtsleeves

After the rage within the UK of the statement “Does my bum look big in this…”San Giorgio has been swept with “Are my sleeves rolled up to the same length” .Fashionista John Roscoe has spent many an hour asking his wife and others this very question. When asked why this was so important, JR is reported to have responded “That gentlemen never show more than four to five inches of bare arm flesh, as more might inflame a ladies passion”.

Contrary to JRs view most Italian men seem to be earnest in their desire to show as much of their arms and other parts of their bodies as is humanly possible. We await JRs showing on the beach this summer with interest. Will he continue to lead and others follow? Will the knotted handkerchief be displayed on Torrette beach this summer?

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  1. John says:

    Obviously someone who takes pride in his appearance!

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