Digital TV

digital tv

In the last week the Marche area has started to go Digital. We woke up last Wednesday to discover that the analogue signal had been switched off and we were left with a television screen full of static. Fortunately we had already bought our digital box and plugging it in we had 12 channels available to us. Unfortunately Rai 1,2, 3 (equivilent of bbc 1, 2, 3) were terrible as the picture was continually breaking up. The other channels were better but there were no mediaset channels available. Talking to people in the village we discovered that we were not the only ones having limited channels and quality. Two days and a lot of moaning later we resynchronised the tv and this time we got about 30 channels downloaded including mediaset but still poor reception on some of the channels including Rai. Another two days later we resynchronised again and we now have about 40 channels and the picture quality is good.

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