The cat that cost us £70.

intruder cat catflap

Sam the cat has had a cat flap for 5 years and in all that time no Italian cat has worked out how to use it, or at least has not bothered to work out how to use it. However, last week we discovered the cat in the picture helping itself to Sam’s food. So we decided to invest in the latest catflap which has a chip reading device. Pressing a couple of buttons on the flap allows it to read the chip in Sam’s shoulder. When Sam approaches the cat flap it reads her chip and allows the door to open.

The old cat flap was dull brown and blended into the door. The new one stands out as it is pure white and also has a small extension which holds the chip reading device. It is appealingly called the “porch” in the installation instructions.

The installation of the new catflap coincided with Sam’s annual visit to the vet. Sam had a thorough checkup and was given a clean bill of health. This means she should be with us for a while longer making the investment in the new system worthwhile.

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  1. Mike says:

    very “Space 1999”

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