Sunflowers and solar panels

sunflowers solar panels

If you want to see sunflowers then this year the Marche is the place. I assume the European Union has increased its subsidies on sunflower oil as the place is full of them.  At the moment they are in full bloom and it is very spectacular. Unfortunately there are also lots of solar panels sprouting up. The government had given subsidies to encourage the development of solar energy but instead of being placed on the top of factories etc they are sprouting up on agricultural land. We were told that a farmer can get 150,000 euros if he leases his 2 hectares of land for 25 years. For many farmers it is not profitable to try and cultivate crops and so using the fields for soar panels seems easy money. There is growing concern about the spread of the panels both in terms of loss of agricultural land and their impact on the landscape.

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