What’s being read on Torrette Beach?

torrette reading
The last few days have been very hot and so in the afternoon we have being going to the beach at Torrette. Currently the book being read by the English speaking commnity is “The Godless Boys” by Naomi Wood. Naomi is the daughter of Pam and Michael who live in Tavernelle and so she is “almost” a local girl.

The book is set in an imaginary present where a religious revival in England has led to non-believers being placed on an island off England. The islanders are suspicious of all outsiders who may be attempting to introduce religion to the island. A young stowaway arrives on the island in search of her mother who she believes was sent to the island. The girl, Sarah, meets the leader of a gang of young tearaways, Nathaniel, and the major part of the book is about the developing relationship between these two. Other realtionships on the island are inter-weaved with this main narrative and the overall effect is that the story is always interesting and keeps one’s interest until the end.

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