Music under the stars and two grumpy old men

zulublues quartet

The Osteria Casa Mina, which opened some months ago, is close to our house. Now that the summer is here they are eating outside in the garden and once a month they have dinner followed by live music. The music begins at 10.00pm and continues until 1.00 am. The garden is not very big and so a small jazz band, man with acoustic guitar would be ideal. However, so far the bands that play here are practicing for the time they play the “big stadiums” and so have amplification suitable for letting the whole village. This means sleeping is difficult as with the heat all windows need to be open. Last Saturday we decided to go to a late show at the cinema instead of having to listen to music we didn’t want to listen to. So we went to see the film “Transformers 3” which was 130 minutes long (130 minutes too long) it did mean we didn’t get home to after midnight and so only had to survive 1 hour of live music. ┬áNext time they have an event i.e. 22nd July we need to decide if we go out, if we go to eat and listen to the band or do we stay at home, get annoyed and discuss denouncing them for noise pollution.

The band last week was “La Banda degli Zulu”. Click here if you want to listen to their music or to sympathize with us.
The next band to play will be the “Blues Quartet” on the 22nd July. Click here if you want a preview of our evening.

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  1. Mike says:

    You poor dears! LOL

    The town is now so corrupted by success and invasive species the only remedy is to do what you have done following my favorite line for a Monty Python movie, “Run away!”

    See you soon!

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