Massimiliano – tennis coach

tennis coach Massimiliano

Michael and I continue to play a game of tennis once a week. We had thought about having some lessons for some time and eventually decided to give it a try. The Herculean task has fallen on the shoulders of Massimiliano (Massi to his friends) – in the photo Massi is on the right. We have one lesson a week and he has us practicing our forehands, backhands and serves. Michael and I are like two schoolboys eager to please and being really pleased when Massimiliano says “bene, bene” to one of our shots.

Massi speaks some English and so between Italian and English we each get our message across. We are learning some new Italian e.g. palleggiare and he is learning the corresponding English verb “to knock up”. Another useful phrase for Massi when teaching us to serve is “to throw up”. Michael is taking Massi’s English one step further and letting Massi know that “to throw up” can also mean to vomit”. He hasn’t gone a step further as regards the various shades of  “to knock up”.

We both really enjoy the hour’s training and Massi is a great coach to have.

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