Katherine’s 30th

katherine’s birthday party

If you ever wanted to hear renditions of “Happy Birthday to You” in English, Italian, Cantonese and Dutch then the place to be was at Tavernelle on Sunday where Pam and Michael were hosting their daughter Katherine’s 30th birthday.  Katherine and boyfriend David had flown from Hong Kong to be at the event. To this was added sister Naomi, friends and family from London, Scotland, Hong Kong, South Africa, Holland.

If you ever wanted to experience what you imagine expat life in Italy to be -long tressled tables weighed down with food and wine in the shadow of the trees but looking onto the sun drenched hills beyond – then once again the place to be was Tavernelle on Sunday.

Pam had worked her fingers to the bone preparing a great range of salads for our delight. Michael acted as chief sommelier and just kept opening the bottles. All this meant that  a great time was  had by all.  
katherine’s birthday party

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