Worst roundabout in the Marche?

roundabout in Corinaldo

Some time ago San Giorgio got its first roundabout. It is small and very non-descript. Unfortunately, some other places have gone for roundabouts which are more “noticeable”. From driving around the area  we are listing those roundabouts in the running for the prize of “Worst Roundabout in the Marche”.

Corinaldo is famous for having the best preserved medieval walls in the Marche and it  is also famous  as the birth place of the saint Maria Goretti and its newest roundabout is now in the running for the “worst roundabout”. Not content with flags of the nations on the roundabout they have added a series of rusted brown lamps and finishing the whole with a rusted brown screen with letters cut into it announcing to the passing cars that it is the birth place of Maria Goretti. Not a good look.

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