Limahuli gardens

limahuli gardens limahuli gardens

The day after the helicopter ride we decided to go low key and visit an ethno-botanical gardens not too far from the hotel. We opted for the guided tour and met our guide Sue under the breadfruit tree. She explained that the idea behind the gardenwas to try and create zones within the garden which would show the vegetation in different periods. So at the beginning of the tour we were shown many of the “canoe plants” first brought to the island in their canoes by the first polynesian settlers. This inclued the taro plantwhich had been the mainstay of Hawaiian agriculture until the 19th century. After canoe plants we walked uphill into the other zones of the garden – plants endemic to the island and introduced plants which eradicated less vigourous native plants. It was a really interesting tour with Sue not only talking about plants but also telling us some Hawaiian legends. The tour lasted two and a half hours and was worth every minute.

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