Helicopter ride

helicopter ride helicopter ride
helicopter ride helicopter ride
helicopter ride helicopter ride

The reason for going to Hawaii was to go on a helicoper ride round the island of Kauai. As the middle of the island is inaccessible by road it has to be seen by helicopter. We arrived at the offices of  the company and were discretely weighed so that they could balance the helicopter. We were linked up with a young, thin, newly married couple from New York with them in the front with the pilot and us in the back to provide ballast.
helicopter trip passengers
After our security talk, and being strapped in we were off. Wow. It was rather scarey at first and then we started to relax until either we seemed to be heading straight into a cliff face or when we banked steeply to avoid the cliff face. We had opted for the open door ride which mean tit was very windy but the advantages were that it had only 4 passengers, clear views for pictures, and the disadvantage that  despite the seat belts I had a slight feeling of being able to fall out. Jason the pilot gave a commentary about the island’s history, films made on the island etc. but most times we were absorbed in being stunned by the views – flying over a canyon floor far below, or past cliffs twice the size of the Empire State Building. It was a great trip and well worth every dollar – would love to do it again.

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  1. Jane says:

    Just looked at your blog on the helicopter ride I thought it would be a lot bigger think you were both very brave Janexx

  2. Mike says:

    Bill looks like the pilot to me!!!
    Old school “12 0’clock High.”

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