Waimea Canyon

waimea canyon

One of the highspots of Kauai, in terms of scenery is the waimea Canyon apparently called the Hawaii Grand Canyon by Mark Twain. Having seen it from the heliocopter we decided to drive round the island and see it from the ground. It was worth the effort. Apart from seeing the canyon we also had a high and a low experience in terms of cafes. On the way to the canyon we decided to stop for a drink and seeing “Obsessions Cafe”. Nice name , bad cafe. Inside it was rather dingy and decided to go safe with a coke for Bill and an OrangeĀ  Juice for me. Bill drank most of the coke and decided to remove the lid to see how much drink was left and saw ants floating aro9und. On the way back from the canyon we stopped at the Hanepepe Cafe and had freshly made sanwiches and salad and resisted the tempation of passion fruit and coconut cake.

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