On to Kauai

westin hotel westin hotel

After our few days on Big Island we took off for Kauai. We arrived about 6.00 and got the hire car to drive up to the north coast of the island. By the time we got there it was pitch black and we had real problems finding the hotel. We knew it was near a town called Princeville but couldn’t see any signs for the hotel. We stopped in a garage to get some advice but with my 2.1 degree in geography I got the directions mixed up and we headed off in the wrong direction. It didn’t help that the roads were narrow, dark and incredibly busy as the day we travelled was labour day and lots of people were out for the day. We stopped a second time and got new directions – look for a supermarket called Foodland and a fountain and at that point turn left. We drove back and still couldn’t find the place and began to get ratty with each other. We stopped off at another shopping centre and Bill noticed that a small shop was called Foodland.Not the big sign we had been looking for. We turned left and driving down the road finally noticed the name of the hotel. So we arrived about 1 hour late and not in the best of moods. At the hotel the receptionist explained that Hawaiian law only allowed hotels to put signs at the beginning of their street. As our hotel was a street of a street it was not possible to  put a useful sign saying Westin Hotel this way.

The hotel, once we got there, turned out to be very comfortable. In fact it was really a studio flat with a large bed/living room, kitchen area, bathroom and more importantly a washing machine and dryer as after a week travelling clean clothes were getting fewer. The small kitchen is well equiped including a microwave oven with buttons to cook to cook everything from baked potato, to popcorn (as Bill is demonstrating).

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