Water Ban

garden sept 11 torrette beach sept 11

The very hot and oftern humid weather has continued here at San Giorgio. It has been a dry summer and the usual thunderstorms which come in August did not arrive and so it is now more than 6 weeks since we saw rain and as you can see from the photo the garden is suffering. At the beginning of the month a water ban was introduced. This allowed us to water the garden on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but only between 9.00pm and midnight. Now a a complete ban has been introduced and so to keep some of the pot plants going we are opting to safe the water from the showers and hope the plants don’t mind the soapy water too much.

Of course the continuing sunny weather means it is till possible to go to the beach. The season is definitely, in terms of  holiday makers, over but the beach is still busy at the weekend with locals. During the week it is very quiet and only the pensioners arrive in the afternoon for a chat and a bit of sun. The bars on the  beach are closed and there are only a couple of young vendors are walking the beaches trying to sell things.

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