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fonte avellana
On Friday Elizabeth phoned to say that there was a concert on at Fonte Avellana. Its a very ancient monastery in the hills and we had been to a concert there last year which we had both enjoyed. We said we would think about it but at 8.15 that evening faced with an evening of Italian television we decided to go. We decided to follow the route suggested by the TomTom and brought us in over the hills behind the monastry. The roads were narrow and windy and on rounding one bend we had to break as a wild boar was sauntering across the road. Further up we again turned a corner to have a hare scurry across and finally nearing Fonte Avallana we had to stop as two young stags were standing in the middle of the road. We were almost expecting to see white horse with Snow White and her prince coming round the next corner.

Even if the concert had been bad the trip would have been worth while just for the animals. We arrived at the concert only 5 minutes late but had to stand outside as the small church was full. The concert was given by two young pianists who played selections of opera pieces followed by some Strauss etc. Bill and Elizabeth enjoyed it while I was less keen. When it was over we met up with Elizabeth and retired to her place for refreshments.

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