English class lunch

english class lunch

On Sunday we had the English class lunch. Pam and John were invited to join as for the last lesson of the year they had played the doctors in a medical role play exercise.

We decided to return to La Palomba in Mondavio where we had had an excellent meal before. Again they didn’t disappoint. The menu was:


Antipasto fanatasia dello chef (cold meats, cheeses)

Pasta course:

Tortelloni di robioloa, rucola al pomodoro fresco (tortelloni with soft cheese, rocket, and fresh tomatoes)
Mezze lune ripiene con ricotta al limone (Ricotta stuffed half moon ravioli with lemon sauce)
Tagliatelle al ragu d’anatra (tagliatelle with duck sauce)
(We didn’t have to choose a pasta as ¬†you are expected to try all three. In Italy this is called a Tris. If there are only 2 dishes being served then it is a Bis)

Main Course:

Faraona alle olive verdi in crosta di pane (Guinea Fowl and olive pie)
Tagliata con rucola e pendolini (Sliced sirloin with rocket and cherry tomatoes)
(this was served as a Bis)
(served with roast potatoes and mixed salad)


Tagliata di frutta con gelato (slices of fresh fruit – pineapple, apricot, peach etc. served with 2 flavours of ice cream).

After this marathon of a meal we staggered out of the hotel and some of us drove up to the sports bar in Orciano where we could watch the men’s final of wimbledon on a big screen.

A good result at the restaurant and a good result at Wimbledon

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