A walk on the beach

torrette sign

Yesterday, Sunday 6th March, was a beautiful, sunny day. Cold, but after what seemed like weeks of damp, wet weather it was a real tonic. We decided to drive to Torrette and go for a walk on the beach.

bill on the beach gulls on torrete beach
torrette beach bagni lori torrette

On the beach it was cold and windy and not quite the weather for swimming costumes. But we had, apart from the gulls, almost the whole beach to ourselves. We walked for about an hour.

At first sight everything seemed OK. There were lots of shingle, bits of driftwood and seaweed on the beach which is normal after windy periods. However some areas had been damaged e.g. behind Bagni Lori where we normally go in the summer. It looked as if some of the land surface had given way and there is obviously lots of repairs to be done before the tourist season begins in June.

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