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casa londei’s card

On Friday evening Roberta and Federica took us to dinner at Casa Londei. We usually meet every Friday at 5.00 to have an hour of English conversation. (We are currently reading Agathe Christie’s Murder at the Vicarage and it is a rather slow process as we spend more time talking and laughing than we do reading and so after some months we have struggled to chapter 8. On current progress we should discover who did the murder by December.)

However, this week we met at 6.00, managed to read a complete chapter and arrived at the restaurant at 8.15. Robert’s and Federica’s respective partners Francesco and Roberto joined us and so we had a table for 6.  The restaurant is just outside San Ippolito and opened about 18 months ago. As it was cold and dark when we arrived I have no idea what the surrounding countryside looks like but the place does have a large car park and the restaurnt itself is a large wooden extension built onto an old house but the decor is very welcoming aiming at a “rustic atmosphere”. It is a set price meal and there is no menu. You arrive, sit down and wait for the food to arrive. When we arrived bread and wine were already on the table. We then had a plate of vegetable soup, followed by a plate of salami and vegetables, followed by two pastas (gnocchi and pappardelle), followed by a mixed grill and finished off with squares of chocolate cake and jam tart. We all enjoyed the food and the atmosphere as the staff are very friendly and keen to ensure everyone enjoyed the occasion. Roberta, Federica, Francesco and Roberto insisted on paying the bill and so I don’t know how much it costs. However, some reviews on the web from last year say it is 20 euros a head and this includes wine. It is only open Friday and Saturday for dinner and on Sunday for lunch.

I hadn’t brought the camera to record the event but thought it would be OK as the restaurant has a website and I could download a few pictures. Unfortunately the site is still under construction and so all I can show you is the card.

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