Ristorantino Valzangona

ristorantino valzangona

On Friday evening we went with Mike, Monique, Luke, Alba, Gian Carlo, Michi, Oriella, Angelo and Viola to a small restaurant near Montefelcino. It is the local restaruant of Oriella and Angelo and serves home made food. Unknown to us Friday night is dancing night.  Apart from dancing it also means that they don’t serve meat as a main course. So we had various grilled vegetables and meats for starters and then we had 3 different pastas. By the time we finished eating the music had started and the dancing had begun. We all sat enjoying the spectacle but decided not to dance apart from Luke and Michi.

ristorantino valzangona

They were the only two who seemed to be enjoying themselves as all the other couples appeared to be taking their dancing very seriously or were too busy counting the steps to smile.

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