Never on a Wednesday

sorcerer’s apprentice

We haven’t been to the cinema for some weeks and noticed that the film “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” was on. It met our critical criteria when deciding which films to go to i.e. plot easy to follow, dialogue not too important and lots of special effects.

We forgot that on Wednesday evening the tickets are half price and that Shrek had just opened. The cinema foyer was packed with parents and kids out for the night. We almost returned home but braved the queue and got the tickets (5 euros). Even though it wasn’t the most popular film on offer the cinema was still half full with noisy kids mostly sitting at the back of the cinema. So we opted for the front rows. Unfortunately just before the film started a large family group moved into the seats behind us. It’s never a good sign when dad is incredibly overweight, carries a large coca-cola and calls his kids a lot of little turds. Things got worse as one of the kids obviously suffered from attention deficit disorder and 30 minutes into the film began to constantly move along the row and then clamber over the seats to the front row and back again. “No Michele, No Michele”, was the nearest the dad came to trying to exert control.

Despite these things sent to try us I really enjoyed the film which was, as expected, real hokum, but entertaining hokum. The film also got a positive response from the young audience who give it a round of applause at the end.

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