A day out with Elizabeth or 130 kilometres for a paddle

lake trasimeno eating by the lake

On Thursday we went with Elizabeth from Cabernardi to Corciano near Perugia. The aim of the trip was two-fold. Elizabeth wanted to look at beds and wardobes in a store called “Mondo Convenienza” and also to buy a replacement paddle for her bread making machine. The “Mondo Convenienza” store was very large with about 50 fitted out bedrooms showing their range of furniture. On top of this there were areas devoted to kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. There was something for everyone’s taste and Elizabeth, with her impeccable taste in friends and furniture, saw some things she liked. After the trek around the store we went to a the nearby town of Magione where, according to Elizabeth’s researches, bread making paddles were available. Expecting another emporium we discovered a corner store but a corner shop with a bag full of bread making paddles. Elizabeth paid 8 euros for two paddles and we set off for lunch.

Fortunately we were only a few kilometres from Lake Trasimeno and it was a beautiful, sunny day. We saw in a guide that there was a restauant in San Feliciano on the lake. This restaurant was closed but there was another near by. We had a simple lunch. A selection of antipasti based on fish from the lake (smoked eel on a ricotta base, bruschetta with carp’s roe, perch with parmesan, crayfish with herb dressing) and a bottle of local white wine. We finished with an ice-cream and coffee. A delicious lunch in a beautiful setting.

After this we were able to face the drive back to Cabernardi where Elizabeth rustled up a bottle of chilled prosecco followed by a simple repast of Pear and Gorgonzola risotto (delicious), salad and cheese but no home made bread as yet.

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