San Giorgio Informa

The latest edition of “San Giorgio Informa” has just been published. Among the news items are the following:

Theatre Group: a new theatre project called “A scena aperta” is being started. It is being financed by the Province and is aimed at the people between 16 and 36 years old. The theatre group has to write and perform a play.

Refuse collection: the project to collect refuse on a “door to door” basis is going ahead. This will mean an increase in the “refuse collecting tax”. Although no tax increase is welcome there is some justification for the raise. First there has been an increase in the cost of disposing of rubbish in the local dump and the ecotax (a tax for causing pollution or damage to the environment).  Secondly there is an urgent need for San Giorgio to increase the percentage of refuse recycled. Currently only 7% of the refuse is separated into plastic, glass etc. By 2011 this, under EU rules, has to increase to 60% otherwise the comune will have to pay even higher “ecotax” and also receive less funding from central government. Obviously this will then have an impact on the other services the comune can offer.

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