Of course, I’ve read it in the original.

ammaniti camilleri carofiglio
Ammaniti Camilleri Carofiglio

When I read Italian books they tend to be thrillers. They are easier to understand as there is usually lots of conversation. Some italian authors that I have enjoyed reading  are available in English translation.

Niccolo Ammaniti: His book “I’m Not Scared” (Non ho paura) was very successful in the UK both as a book and a film. His latest book in English “The Crossroads” (Come dio comanda) is again in the bestseller list. Both books deal with the relationship between a son and his criminal father. The Crossroads is particularly strong in describing the povery and bleakness of life on the edge.

Andrea Camilleri: “The Voice of the Violin” (La voce del violino). This is one of Inspector Montalbano series. They are very popular in Italy both as books and as a television series. The books are set in Sicily and are very atmospheric. It is not just the cases that are interesting but also the inspector himself.

Gianrico Carofiglio: I had not heard of this author until John Roscoe (buying a house in San Giorgio) recommended him. Then I discovered that his latest book was topping the bestsellers list in Italy. He has written a series of novels about a lawyer in Bari, Southern Italy. The first book in the series “Involuntary Witness” (Testimone inconsapevole) is about a black pedlar accused of murdering a young child. The book is an interesting blend of the criminal case, the lawyer’s emotional life and his attitude to his clients, his colleagues and the legal system.

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