Regional elections

communist leaflet Italy will be holding regional elections on the 28 and 29th March. It has been very controversial as in Lazio region the main party (Mr Burlesconi’s party) failed to register its papers in time and so they have been barred from running. The man from the┬áparty had been in the queue to register the papers, but feeling a bit peckish decided to go for something to eat. When he returned the offices had closed. Now the Tv is full of Mr Berlusconi calling it all a plot and holding demonstrations to force the “admin system” to give his party permission to run.

On the TV there are numerous party political broadcasts – including breakfast time. Usually they are middle age man staring at the camera and telling the electorate what they would do if elected. The Reformed Communist Party, who were almost wiped out as a political force at the last election, have also produced a political broadcast. We spluttered over our weetabix as the party broadcast for the “Reformed Communists” was aired. No boring, talking man for them. They have gone for revolution and demonstations. To see the broadcast Click here.

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