Ballroom of romance?


A lovely dinner (again) with Elizabeth from Cabarnardi. She had also invited Mike and Carla who moved to the Marche 15 years ago and their son Martin who has recently come to live in Italy. During the conversation he mentioned going dancing the last couple of weekends. He went to Fabriano but here in San Giorgio there are a number of local discos/dance venues. A famous one in this area is Tris. Tris means three and the name reflects that there are three dance floors in the club – a floor for ballroom, a floor for latin and a floor for modern music.

Tris also has a tea dance on a Sunday afternoon and according to local sources i.e. people in my English class the tea dance is frequented by large numbers of “badantes” from Albania, Romania etc. A badante is a hired carer much used by families who have an old and infirm person at home. The badante lives in and the salary is made up from a contribution from the state and the remainder from the family. They normally get one day off a week. So if the day off happens to be a Sunday then it is off to Tris for a bit of relaxation and the chance to meet the Italian man of their dreams.

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