Book wars in Senigallia

bookshop senigallia

Rumours about Cafe Centrale being changed into a book shop have turned out to be true. A new bookshop has opened and a cafe is being added. So in Senigallia there are two bookshops almost opposite each other and a third bookshop on the street running parallel. . The new bookshop is part of the “Mondadori”change and so competition with the independent bookshop may be fierce. Not sure there is enough space for all three bookshops. The limited size of the Italian market means that books are very expensive. An average paperback can be 15 to 18 euros. The supermarkets also sell the bestsellers at a discount and so bookshops have an even more uphill task. Certainly if my young students are example of the future of reading then the bookshops are in problems. Of the 5 teenagers I currently teach not one of them reads beyond their school books. They find say they find reading boring.

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