Facebook and San Giorgio

Recently in Italy there has been a lot of anger over a site on Facebook which called for children with Downs Syndrome to be used for target practice. The site was removed and when the author of the site who is being treated for severe psychiatric problems was identified.

On a less serious note I was searching on facebook for “San Giorgio di Pesaro” and was surprised to discover only a couple of  items relating to San Giorgio including a group called “Io odio San Giorgio” – “I hate San Giorgio”. The group says that it is the duty of everyone living in the surrounding villages and who hate San Giorgio to join the group. It’s a comfort to see that only 23 people have opted to join the group and there are no recent posts. So perhaps San Giorgio isn’t so “hatable” after all.

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  1. mike says:

    same discovery by my own self, I did not join the group. I like to keep my dislikes of the little place more closely held or just verbal. Besides my dislikes all stem from myself, maybe the same can be said of the 23 members of that FB group.

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