Cinema card.


We go to the cinema quite often. Sometimes I think we are forced to go by what is on Italian TV. Recently talent shows for childen have become popular on prime time television e.g. io Canto. Precocious kids singing songs about love and and heartache pushes one into going out.

At our last visit to the cinema we became owners of a “Cinecard”. The card costs 26 euros – 1 euro activation fee and 25 euros to be used for buying cinema tickets. The card will be valid until the end of August and can be recharged at anytime. The big advantage is that the cost of a cinema ticket with the card is only 5 euros as against the normal price of 7.50. An additional benefit is 10% of the sweets and drinks.

We first used the card to go and see “Wolfman”. Its an old fashion gothic horror film but much less horrible than some of the children from “io canto”. 

wolfman christian imparato

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