Meet the Roscoes


Four years ago John and Pam Roscoe bought an apartment in a house across the street from us. We knew the house was to be restored but it was only at the end of last year that work began and we knew that the new owners would be British. They had faced bureaucrtic nightmares at every turn e.g. waiting 18 months for approval from the Ministro Beni Culturali as the house had been willed to a charity and confirmation was needed that there was nothing of artistic or cultural worth. Despite all this they kept battling on and are now on the homeward stretch and, despite the delays, still smiling.

Last week they came to San Giorgio for an inspection visit and perhaps for the first time the visit was positive. Building work was well advanced and they were able to order their kitchen and bathroom. The apartment should be finished by May and they can look forward to spending some happy summer days at the beach and then returning home to sit on the their terrace, drink a glass of wine watch the sunset.

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