San Giorgio Informa – February 2010

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Twinned Town – Hombourg Haut, Lorraine, France.
At the end of January a delegation from San Giorgio went to Hombourg Haut. At the meeting a series of initiatives were proposed for 2010. On 25th April, the day of the San Giorgio Fair, some people from Hombourg Haut will visit San Giorgio and cook traditional dishes from their area. The composer Theodore Gouvy comes from Lorraine they are hoping to organise a musical event with music by Gouvy and Rossini (born in Pesaro). Continuing the music theme they hope to organise an exchange of choirs -the 4 Lorraine Voices and the Gaudium Vocis from this area. In the summer some young people from Hombourg Haut will come to San Giorgio for 2 weeks at the seaside.

Civil Protection.
A meeting was held to explain the work of Civil Defence and to look for volunteer. 10 volunteers have so far been recruited and there are still openings for more.
New regulations about care of dogs are being put in place. They will be enforced from the 1st March.
San Giorgio Innovazione, Energia e Territorio Srl.
This limited company formed to create the photo-voltaic park in San Giorgio is having a competition in the schools to design a logo for the company.
It also has a web site at:

Stori Sangiorges
On the 16th January the 6th edition of festival of poetry in dialect took place.

Tourism in San Giorgio
The Councillor responsible for tourism has organised a series of meetings with various interested groups. The aim is to produce a leaflet in 3 languages which will promote the town – events, hotels, local products etc. A web site dedicated to tourism is under consideration.

School and Sustainable Awareness.
stuffed birds
Luciano Barbetta returns to the theme of the role of schools in informing and forming students. One aspect of this is to develop the educational value of the museum. Currently there is a collection of stuffed animals which are simply dispayed. It is hoped to create a new display where the animals can be seen in their evironment. Funding for is being made through the Project Cultura Sostenible (sustainable culture) co-funded by the Marche Region and the Comune.

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