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When we go to the cinema it is normally to the Giometti cinema on the outskirits of Fano. It is a modern multi-screen cinema with all the latest fims – Avatar, Tra le Nuvole (Up in the air), Sherlock Holmes etc. Comfortable seats, good sound, 3-D etc.

Talking to some friends recently they mentioned the Masetti cinema. First time we had heard of it. Checked on the internet and it is obviously the “art house” cinema of Fano. It was currently showing the Jessica Hausner’s  film Lourdes which had premiered at the Venice Film Festival. 

The cinema is in a side street of Fano and so it was not surprising we hadn’t seen it before.  The screening room is like the inside of a village hall in England with a stage at one end. In this case the screen is at the back of the stage. However, the sound was good and the seats not too uncomfortable.

The film itself was interesting if a bit long. Its about a handicapped girl who can’t move her legs or hands. At Lourdes she suddenly starts to move her hands and then begins to walk. Is it a miracle? The film leaves it for the viewer to decide but whatever your view the ending is very  sad. Time out gave it 4 stars. For me it was a 3 star mover as although I found it interesting and touching it was also too long and slow. A view shared perhaps by the person behind us who began snoring during the film.

History of the cinema:
Until 1916 the a large room the local church ad been used for shows. However, young people were starting to prefer to go to the new cinemas. So in 1916 Don Giuseppe Gentili decided to refurbish part of the building as a cineama/theatre. Sound arrived in 1933. The films shown were moral and educational and entrance cost from 1 lire to 2 lire depending on the seat – reductions for anyone showing a catechism card.
In the 60s Giovanni Bernini a rich industrialist from Bologna provided the money for a new theatre on the understanding that it was named after Don Franceso Masetti who had been his priest as a young boy.In 1988 the cinema was completely restored and its management handed over to Fiorangelo Pucci, artistic director of the Fano Film Festival with the brief to show art films.

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