Getting money in Italy

Went to Fano to buy Anne’s train tickets and they accepted all credit and debit cards. However, Anne wanted to get some money using her English debit card. So we went to the “Banca della Suasa”, which she normally uses but this time got the message that money couldn’t be withdrawn. So we went to the BNL bank which has always worked before. Tried the machine outside which appeared to be working normally but after putting in the pin, the amount etc. it came back with the message that it couldn’t make a connection. Beginning to think that the Italian banking system had collapsed we went into the bank to see if they knew of any problems. Ominously the ATM machine inside the bank had a large piece of paper over it. We asked if there were any problems with the machines or with Italian banking systems. The assistant went to the “out of use” ATM, pulled off the paper, asked Anne to try and this time the system worked perfectly. We tried and failed to get clarification as to why the “in use” machine dosn’t work and the “out of use” machine does work. Instead we got a smile, a handshake and walked to the door. We went for a coffee.

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