Trenitalia and credit cards


Yesterday tried to book some tickets online from Pesaro to Zurich for Anne who is planning a visit to her daughter in Switzerland. Eventually sorted out the trains she wants and proceded with the booking process and began to pay. The process fell at the payment stage as my credit card security number wasn’t accepted. Decided to try again in case I had put in the wrong number. Repeated the process with the same result. So decided to try with Bill’s Visa card. Failed again but when trying for the fourth time Bill had a phone call from Visa to say there was a problem – request for authorisation of payment but we had no tickets. Proceded to phone Trenitalia who assured us that the request for the money had been made by them and approved by Visa but that they would not be claiming the money as no tickets had been purchased. They said that for online purchases Trenitalia only accept Italian credit cards. So we’re off to Fano this morning to buy the tickets hoping they accept non-Italian credit cards over the counter.

Needless to say there’s nothing about the change of policy on the Trenitalia website.

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