Tom Tom saves us money.

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A week after struggling through snow and Eurotunnel delays it was time to drive back to Italy. Having found France rather expensive in terms of motorway tolls we decided to ask the Tom Tom to work out a route through France without tolls. The route we then followed went through France into Belgium, into Luxembourg and back into France. The majority of the roads were motorways or dual carriageway and the total time taken was about 7 1/2 hours – 1 hour longer than the faster i.e. more costly route. An added advantage is that petrol is much cheaper in Luxembourg and so we saved money when filling up. 

We left Calais about 10.00 and arrived in Mulhouse (on the Swiss border) about 6.30. The only unexpected cost was a tunnel near Mulhouse which cost 7.00 euros. The only problem was the horrible weather in France as it rained all day but it did stop while we wandered round the centre of Mulhouse looking for a restaurant. 

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