Ibis hotels in Mulhouse


On the way back to Italy we stopped in Mulhouse for the night. Alfredo, one of my English students, had said it had a beautiful centre. Driving into the centre we were looking out for hotel signs. We saw one for an Ibis Hotel and checking our Tom Tom we saw that the Ibis was listed and was only 650 metres away.

We arrived in front of the hotel, there was a parking space and we went in and got a room. They also had a garage which was “easy to find” – from the front of the hotel go first right, then right again and right again. We followed instructions and ended up back in front of  the hotel. We failed the second time but on the third time round we saw the entrance to the Ibis car park.  Ironic that the most difficult part of the day’s travelling was at the end.

Our room was small, comfortable, clean. The shower was hot. The hotel staff recommended a good restaurant as their hotel was closed and the breakfast in the morning was fresh and abundant. Cost 55 euros for the room, 15 for breakfast and 6 for parking. Worth the price for being near the centre of a town which on a wet January night seemed very pretty and worth going back to.

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