English in San Giorgio – 2

The evening English class starts at 8.30. and finishes at 10.00. It is the “younger” group ranging from 21 to 67. This group has just finished Dracula and as with the previous group want to move away from the horror theme. So we are moving up a reading level and trying “Chemical Secret”, and environmental thriller.

Here they are (left to right):
english class - evening group
Silvio: “not currently in work” Silvio passes the time reading, playing tennis. The only Italian I know who belongs to a library.
Germana: originally from San Giorgio she now lives in Fano and runs a “rental property agency”. Her work means she has put the English she has learned to practical use.
Anna-Lisa: former first lady of San Giorgio as her husband was a former mayor. Elections this June may mean that she will be first lady again.
Sauro: a geologist who works in the mountains. Leaves work at 7.00, gets home at 8.00 and despite this manages to arrive in the class with a smile on his face.
Kenny: real name Daniele but for reasons lost in time known as Danny. Lives and works in Fano.
Luanna (standing): owns and manages a local grocery store which is open from 7.45am to 8.00pm 6 days a weeks and is a god-send when you’ve forgotten to buy something for lunch or dinner. In any spare time she has she enjoys photography.
Terry (standing): the teacher.
Raje: designs jewellery for a shop in Mondavio. Speaks French, Arabic, Italian and now English. She even understands local dialect.
Nicholas: an interloper from Piagge (our nearest town). Has lived and worked for a short perioid in Galway and decided that learning English in San Giorgio is more interesting than learning Irish.

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