English in San Giorgio -1

Every Wednesday I give two English classes. The classes are now in their 3rd year and even if little English is learned everyone has a good time.  

The afternoon class meets at 3.00 pm. This is the “pensioners group” as only one member works. In the class we are currently reading “Dracula” from the Oxford Bookworms series. Last year it was the horror story “The Monkey’s Paw”. They want the next book not to be a horror story.

And here they are:
english class afternoon group

Front row left to right:
Juliana: could retire but enjoys work so much she continues to teach primary school – including some English.
Anne (special guest for the day, 4th Feb.): has come to live in Mondavio, a nearby town, and agreed to come to answer questions about why anyone would want to retire to Italy. Everybody liked her and she may be asked back.
Lory: worked in the Post Office. Now she is San Giorgio’s local branch of the NSPCA. She has or looks after 4 dogs and 12 cats. She is also deputy looker-after of our cat when we go on holiday.
Rina, Alfredo: the only husband and wife team in the group. They have moved from Bologna to live in San Giorgio (for the quality of the air). They enjoy gardening, inviting people to lunch and giving them far too much food.

Back row:
Anna: was a teacher in Rimini but now spends her time gardening and sorting out simple issues for family members living abroad e.g. project managing the restoration of her sister’s house in Orciano.
Rinaldo: a former accountant. Lives with his sisters and brother (the local priest) and still manages to keep cheerful. Enjoys cooking and talking in dialect instead of proper Italian. Rinaldo is the chief looker-after of our cat when we go on holiday.

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