Summer weather? Read an onion.

A medieval tradition is alive and well in Urbania (town about 50 kms inland from us). The weather for the coming year is indicated by an onion. On the night of the 24th January (Eve of the “conversion of St Paul) an onion is cut into 12 parts (one for each month) and sprinkled with salt. They are left outside and the following morning any changes to the salt on the onion pieces are noted and a forecast made for the coming year e.g. if the salt has dissolved it means rain. (Emmanuela Forlini is the expert forecaster. She learnt from her father who learnt from his father a farmer). Fortunately another expert in Jesi (about 50 kms south of us) does his onion reading on January 1 and for this year provides a more promising view of the year ahead – at least for the Summer.

Month Urbania Jesi
Jan. wet cold and wet
Feb. very cold, snow cold, wet with snow
Mar. rain and snow particularly mid-March cold in early march but warm and sunny in the second half of the month
Apr rain and some snow cold and wet in middle of month, improving towards the end
May increasing temperatures but still some rain rain and wind early May; sun and rain in second half
Jun. very variable with some rain hot and sunny. Humid in the middle of the month
Jul. same as June same as June
Aug. beautiful weather, some humidity same as June; some hail storms
Sep. frequent rain storms warm, beautiful weather; some rainstorms in the middle of the month
Oct. dry and pleasant warm in early October; first cold spells in the middle of the month
Nov. dry and pleasant rainy and cold
Dec. dry but cold and sunny rain, some snow

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